spinspin-sugar-deactivated20110 asked: reminds me of a summer morning
from my youth
waking up to no responsibilities
and my ignorance
unaware of my expectations from the world
"what's for breakfast?"
my only worry
simple and sweet

Anonymous asked: --Album Leaf song
I thought about a shitload of wolves waking up and running through a forest :S

it has been so so long

since there was a new song!

i was waiting around to see if anybody else wanted to post for the last one

but i shall post a new one today!

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Anonymous asked: wait for the piano
i did say
where is then piano
and then we do
relief in the doing discovery
a soulful relief
a brief respite from the
bothersome horn

Anonymous asked: for the song Bluette I thought about a sad ballerina.

Artist: Dave Brubeck Quartet

Song: Bluette

I thought of this scene (on mute) from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Watching it with the music over it, it doesn’t really go that well.. but that’s what immediately came to mind!

submitted by: betabum

"it made me think of a sort of vivid fog
so i painted the moon through the fog
as it swirled skewed and dissonant”
submitted by: 18thex-perpetual

"it made me think of a sort of vivid fog

so i painted the moon through the fog

as it swirled skewed and dissonant”

submitted by: 18thex-perpetual

usetheknife asked: the most prominent image that came to my mind when i closed my eyes and listened to the song dealt with a male version of me walking down a long dark street in pouring rain, but somehow not getting wet at all. the rain is just beautiful and heavy thick drops are falling, i pictured myself wearing a sleek black duster and goulashes and i'm carrying a black umbrella that remains closed because i'm using it as a walking stick. as the song progresses i jump in puddles and dance in the rain with growing enthusiasm.

hmmm, in retrospect this isn't very interesting, but it's exactly what i imagined...

dantefanelli asked: dancing meteors defy their tails in the thickets of atmosphere
swelling so so moaning ghosts bleed through the floorboards
isnt that a radio singing for us under foot and the song rises
patiently seduce the confetti and the cotton candy and slow motion
parties where the girls with their tight jeans and loose tees rock their bodies
and their hips sway so oohh
and their hair floats like the swelling ghosts
and the meteor tails wind round their fingers
and the cotton candy is the atmosphere
but its neon luminescent and it melts down
through the scene

Anonymous asked: artist: massive attack, song: small time shot away
i thought about inception

"Small Time Shot Away

this is not my photo, but for me is perfect for this song

link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30844581@N03/3773368710

submitted by: vmusing

Anonymous asked: Artist - Massive Attack
Song - Small Time Shot Away

I imagine driving down a city highway at night...